Argumentative Essay Homework

Argumentative Essay Homework

An argument is defined in simple terms as the act of presenting evidence on a particular topic to persuade readers either to support or oppose a particular idea. An argumentative essay is not different since it presents facts and opinions about a particular topic or issue and convinces the readers to accept the opinion of the writer. Before writing this type of essay, a writer is expected to investigate and research a particular topic, gather, analyze and synthesize substantial evidence, and establish whether he or she will oppose or propose the subject matter of the essay. Seeking essay or math homework help is recommended. The main aim of an argumentative essay is to present the ideas, opinions, and understanding of particular phenomena in our society. There are many types of argumentative essays ranging from political argumentative essays to argumentative essays on moral and cultural issues but they all have the same structure and elements which are outlined below.

The Topic of an Argumentative Essay

Each essay has a topic and it should be selected wisely so as to capture the attention of the readers. Most importantly, the writers should select a topic which interests them and it should be debatable. Writers should avoid selecting general, complex and technical topics that will give them a hard time to argue out their points.

The Introduction of an Argumentative Essay

The first paragraph forms an introduction to the essay and the writer is expected to present the foundation of his or her argument. The first lines should be written creatively so as to attract the attention of the readers. The remaining part of the introduction paragraph should give detail information of the argument and it should answer questions such as what is the argument?  And why is this issue important? The introduction paragraph should be completed by a clear statement of the thesis which indicates the position of the writer and explains why he or she opted for that position.

The Body Paragraphs of the Argumentative Essay

homeworkThe argument is developed through the body paragraphs of the essay. The writers will be expected to develop different claims that support their arguments and provide substantial evidence that will win the readers to their side. The evidence should be gathered from relevant sources such as books and publications. Therefore, the writers are expected to conduct a thorough review of the literature so as to present their evidence in a logical and precise manner. While writing the body paragraphs, the author will also be expected to present the views of the opponents and then offer a contrary argument.

The Conclusion of an Argumentative Essay

This is the last paragraph of the essay. It should echo the importance of your point of view and showcase the advantages of implementing your arguments. The conclusion paragraph should make the readers pose and meditate on the positive impacts of the discussed arguments.