The Dissertation Chapter 2 Writing Aid

Essay and Dissertation Chapter 2 Writing Aid

Many people utilize this chapter to pay excoriate as well as the homage to others. The students should try as much as possible to make it even more useful like an expert essay writer. In most cases the literature review precedes the theory chapter. One should organize the literature review in the areas of weakness or the gaps that are contained in the theory part. The literature review is important as it proves that there is no any student who has study gap in terms of knowledge which is normally outlined in chapter 1. Mainly, the subjects in the literature review are introduced in the background of the problems in chapter 1.

As far as chapter 2 is concerned, it is not in form of a textbook but it is somehow related to the subject of the study. The students should comprehend that for every research that is studied, should be able to bear the gap in the knowledge. Moreover, each study that is usually mentioned at the end of the study, it should not collect the data about the knowledge of the study that is outlined in the chapter 1. In most of the universities as well as the colleges, the students are required to write very many pages in their dissertation papers. They are forced to write textbooks by summarizing the information from the field. This is usually a hard task for the students especially in coming up with the required number of pages. In most cases, this lead to “pad’’ among the students as they create the pages for fun with the aim of completing the number of the pages that are required by their instructors. The moment the gap of knowledge is represented by the body of literature review which is incomplete, then it might not require many pages.

essay writerThe literature review should be written in relation to chapter 1 as this ensures that the research done is original. Most of advisers who are inexperienced in this field, allow the students to include all the details in chapter 1 when the review of the literature is not complete. Once the students encounter a large body about a certain subject of the dissertation paper, there are high chances that the subject has been studied. Provided there is existence of the literature is little, the students should write the essay methodology that has been used, some paragraphs about the book report by citing the main objective of the study, the effects, the findings as well as the conclusions. If the studies are in plenty, one should cite the most recent studies. Moreover, the students are supposed to establish the needs that are required in the study more firmly. The methods and the procedures used should be relevant to the study and in relation to the methodologies that have been implemented.